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FELICIA IS AN ASPIRING Tahitan dancer. AS SHE WOULD PUT IT, "If I ain't dancing,I ain't living". sHE ALSO FOUNDS Mystical Dawn IN 2011.

HER WORK CAN BE SEEN REVOLVING AROUND Belly dance. tHEY ARE branching out to other types of dances such as Tahitian and Hula dance. For a long time there is no authentic belly dance being taught in Brunei, THEIR dancers had to learn from the best possible way THEY can which is watching belly dance DVD tutorials, YouTube Video and attend Belly dance workshops overseas.

As the years progress, Mystical Dawn grew in their dance styles and techniques, As THEIR confidence grew, THEY started performing for many corporate and private events. THEY also run dance classes (both open & private) THEY will be showing mini tutorial videos, performances, workshops and other activities!

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