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talk about it, let's!

Talk About It, Let’s (T.A.I.L.) is a discussion hosted by The Creative Core BN where the idea is to gather influential creative leads to simply chat about some of the current issues in their respective industries.

On the first session of the T.A.I.L. series, we brought in a group of creatives in specific communities to talk about the general idea of collaboration and competition in the industry.








why do I dance

the way that I do

“Dance is an expression, a prayer, a way of communication”


We gathered dancers from various backgrounds to discuss on the topic of creativity and inspiration. The discussion included the fine line between gaining inspiration and copying; is there any time where we can claim dance movement as our own?

To tell stories through our eyes in a beautiful, fun and innovative way. These stories are what makes our designs charismatic, engaging,  and ultimately, sincere. 

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