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The heart and soul of the artist.

Dance. Music. Movies. 

we embark on A journey of spreading the love of art through community networking events both big and small NAMELY dANCE, MUSIC AND MOVIES. 

Our work focuses on interactivity, creativity and seamlessly connect our guests  to a unique experience where they can appreciate the arts .

What we do

Impart. Impact. Inspire.

by collaboratively crafting ideas into contents and strategies, we leave our mark in pixels, cookies and also memories.

Check out our best works here. 

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vision and mission

To think beyond creating and collaboration. we work together to create experiences that can transform the way people live, work and learn, for better. 

always striving to be innovative and help others express their creative personas, We are the bridge between  the wild artistic world and growing minds.

Every member of the team is a leader and a warrior within their own respected field of expertise. With Backgrounds in the fine arts, creative design, film making and business, our aim is to transmit our knowledge and diverse experience to become more valuable to help you push boundaries.

We ALWAYS WELCOME talented AND INSPIRING minds to join our family.

Please send your CV TO THECREATIVECOREBN@GMAIL.COM and we will get in touch!

The dream team that makes it all happen.


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